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What is A Building Broker or New Home Broker?



What is A Building Broker

When people ask me what does Best Builder For You actually do?

I find myself describing the business as a Building Broker similar to a finance broker or an insurance broker. It is a recipe for ‘How to make building easier’
This describes what I do in very broad terms that people can relate to.

But let me explain in broader terms, in more detail –A Building Broker is a business that takes the stress out of the building experience, we arrange quotes for building plans rather than you have to shop around. We check references of these builders and make sure that the quotes come from people you can trust.

What happens when you contact us.

Firstly we need to establish what you the client is wanting to achieve with your building project.
Are you a first home buyer or an investor?
Are you looking to design and build your dream home?
or perhaps you are looking to downsize?
What type of budget do you have to achieve what you want?

These type of questions are very important as we need to establish the type of process we need to go through to get you the best outcome and value for money. We can establish very quickly if the budget you have will allow you to get the building outcome you want.

The most important part of what we do is to make sure we match you with the best type of builder for the home project you have. Builders that do one-off custom homes may not be the best builder to use on an investment property and likewise, the investment builder may not give you the best outcome on a luxury one-off home. We make sure the builder is matched to the type of project you have in mind.


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We offer expert independent advice to help you put all of the pieces together and find the Best Builder For You.

Bill Morris has been working in the building industry for over 40 years.

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